Last Week’s Top Trailers: The Highwaymen, American Gods, RocketMan and More.

Last Week’s Top Trailers: The Highwaymen, American Gods, RocketMan and More.


The Highwaymen

When the full force of the FBI proves ineffective against the nation’s most notorious criminals. Former Texas rangers Frank Hamer and Maney Gault (Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson), come out of retirement to bring down the infamous outlaws, Bonnie and Clyde.

The Highwaymen comes out on Netflix on March 29th, 2019.


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The American Gods are Back.

Thursday saw the release of a new teaser for American Gods season 2, and it looks impressive. The two-minute clip shows both the new and old gods in their full glory, preparing for an all-out war. From Mr. World to Bilquis (goddess of Love), to Tech Boy,  to Wednesday himself (Odin), the second season of American looks interesting.

American Gods return on March 10th, 2019.

The Kid

The Kid follows the story of young Rio, who goes on the run across Southwestern America to save his sister from his evil uncle. However, during his journey, he encounters Sheriff Pat Garrett, who’s hunting for the Notorious outlaw, Billy, the kid. Over time Rio becomes entwined in the lives of the legendary figures and is later forced to choose which type of man he will become, A man of courage or an Outlaw

Catch the kid in theaters on March 18, 2019


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Rocket Man is a musical fantasy based on the uncensored story of Elton John’s Breakthrough Years.

RocketMan comes out on May 31st, 2019.



Her Smell

The movie follows Becky Something (Elisabeth Moss), a ‘90s punk rock superstar who once filled arenas with her all-female trio something she. Now she plays smaller venues while grappling with motherhood, exhausted bandmates, nervous record company executives, and a new generation of rising talent eager to usurp her stardom.

When Becky’s chaos and excesses derail a recording session and national tour, she finds herself shunned, isolated and alone. Forced to get sober, temper her demons, and reckon with the past, she retreats from the spotlight and tries to recapture the creative inspiration that led her band to success.


Her smell comes out April 12th, 2019



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