The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Review: A Dark Descent into The Witching World

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Review: A Dark Descent into The Witching World


Genre: Drama, Fantasy 

Release Date: 26 October 2018

Starring: Kiernan Shipka, Ross Lynch

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The Chilling adventures of Sabrina follow the story of the half-Witch, half mortal Sabrina Spellman. Who struggles to reconcile her two natures while standing against the evil forces which threaten her and her family.


The Witches, Magic, and Spells

Credit: Netflix

I’ve  always loved Magic and spells on Tv shows and Movies. Especially the pure (or at least neutral) way older shows like Merlin, the Legend of the Seeker and Witches of East End presented it.
The adventures of Sabrina However takes a darker approach by presenting the Witches of Greendale as a cultists group that draw power from the Devil himself. Or as he’s referred too in the series the Dark Lord.

While I appreciate the shows realistic take on Witches and Magic, I found the whole blessing by the Devil a step too far.

That being said, when the Witches are not talking about Satanism, the witching world in Sabrina is actually very interesting and deadly.

Over the course of the season, we learn the various practices of the coven through Sabrina's adventures
And while none of these traditions are pure (trust me on this). The series does a wonderful job in presenting Magic as a force available to not only Witches but mortals as well.



Sabrina (Credit: Netflix)

At the start of the season, we meet the half-Witch, days away from her sixteenth birthday and Dark baptism.
But like any normal teenager, Sabrina questions if signing her soul to the Dark Lord is the right path.

The weird sisters (Credit: Netflix)

And so she chooses the path of light rather than the path of night. (At first)

Sabrina’s carefree and Rebellious nature brings a wave of change to the witching world.
She creates more than reasonable doubt in the faith of religious zealots like the weird sisters and Aunt Zelda. And also tries to end some obscene practices of the coven, Such as the feasts of feasts. (man this episode is Dark)
The young Witch also unearths certain clues surrounding her mysterious birth. Which continues to present more questions than answers.

But in the end, all good things must come to a close. And at the final episode, Sabrina signs the Dark Lord’s book for the power to save her friends and family.

And thus the Dark Lord won the season. or did he?

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Mrs. Wardwell (Lilith)

Mrs. Wardwell (Credit: Netflix)

In other to win the Devil’s favor, the Mother of Demons comes to Greendale to help the Dark Lord attain Sabrina’s soul.

Mrs.Wardwell reveals her true Identity (Credit: Netflix)

Picking up tips from little finger, Lilith murders the original Mrs. Wardwell and replaces her in Sabrina’s school. Where she slowly manipulates the young Witch into trusting her and eventually gets her to sign the Dark Lord’s book.

Mrs. Wardwell achieves this feat by trying to isolate Sabrina from her friends and family. And then presents herself as the only one Sabrina can trust.
But when this fails, the demoness summons the red angel of death to kill the first children of Greendale. And forces Sabrina to choose between this mass genocide or her pissing contest with the Devil.

But after getting the Dark Lord his prize, the final scene with Lilith implies that the Devil may set her aside for Sabrina. However, the Mother of Demons has considered this and has planned accordingly.

Aunts Zelda and Hilda

Aunt Zelda and Hilda (Credit: Netflix)

The Spellman sisters are as different as night and day. While Aunt Zelda is the proud big sister, who is always concerned about public recognition in the coven. Hilda is a sweet person who to some extent is kind of devious herself.

However, where the two sisters often agree is their love for their niece, Sabrina. The sisters do everything in their power to assist the young witch. Even though it may go against the beliefs they've had for centuries.
We especially see this crisis in faith in Aunt Zelda who at the start of the season is a hard Zealot of the church of Night. But through the influence of her Niece, Zelda has doubts about her faith. And wonders if she is truly doing the right thing.



While the presentation of Witching world in the Chilling adventures of Sabrina is breathtaking.
It’s also safe to say that this iteration of Sabrina is not the innocent teenage witch from Archie comics.

The Chilling adventures of Sabrina is available on Netflix.The Chilling adventures of Sabrina's Rating

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