Five Questions The First Trailer of Game of Thrones season Eight Left us With

Five Questions The First Trailer of Game of Thrones season Eight Left us With


No doubt, you’ve all watched the amazing trailer @HBO dropped for the Game of Thrones season 8. However, if some reason you haven’t seen it, or you want to feast your eyes again on what might be the greatest season in television history. We’ve got you covered.


While the trailer is visually stunning, it also gives us fans our the best sense of what the final season of Game of Thrones will look. And with this picture comes some interesting theories and questions of what characters might achieve in the last season of Game of Thrones.

Here are the Top Five Questions the New Game of Thrones Trailer left us with.

1. Who is Chasing Arya?

Brighten shot of Arya running
Brighten shot of Arya running (Credit: HBO via

Since  the first trailer of Game of Thrones season 8 dropped, one question has been on the mind of every fan.
Who’s scary enough make Arya stark run?
Especially considering that the last time Arya was this scared, was when she was injured, bleeding and the running away from the waif on the streets of Bravos. (Game of Thrones season 6 episode 8)

One theory going around is that Arya might be running from some Wights who breached the walls of Winterfell during the epic clash between the living and the dead. And what’s even scarier is that she might know these people.
This theory is supported by the brightened shot of Arya running in the halls, where we can see two figures casing her. Whether these are Wights hunting down Arya or just two random people running for their own lives, we won’t know for sure until the final season airs next month.

2. Will Jon snow become a Dragon Rider?

Daenerys and Jon heading towards Drogon and Rhaegal
Daenerys and Jon heading towards Drogon and Rhaegal (credit: HBO)

One thing that has improved with each season of GOT is the look and feel of Daenerys’s dragons. And from the way Drogon and Rhaegal appear in the trailer, they’ve only gotten better.

Drogon and Rheagel flying over the north (credit: HBO)

One exciting thing in the two-minute clip is the shot of Jon and Daenerys heading to towards the dragons, as though they were getting ready to fly.
And another shot of the dragons shows Rhaegal (the green dragon ) following the Drogon (the Red Dragon), which seems to imply that Dany is showing Jon the basics to riding dragons.
While the later clip isn’t bright enough to confirm if they are in fact riders on the dragons, it makes perfect sense for Dany to teach Jon how to ride a dragon especially now that they are in a relationship/alliance.

Back when they were more dragons in Westeros, most Targaryens were dragon riders because of the tactical advantage it gave their house.
A dragon rider could easily outmaneuver projectiles aimed at their dragon. While also directing the dragon’s fire towards crucial points in the opposing army.
Think about how much of a difference a dragon rider could have made in the fight against the Night King last season. Poor Viserion could still be alive if he had someone flying him.

3. Can Drogon and Rheagal beat Viserion?

Viserion breathes blue fire
Viserion breathes blue fire to destroy the wall (credit: HBO)

Speaking of the dragons, one major player in season 8 is Viserion. ( The dragon the Night King killed and brought back last season) Because from what we’ve seen from him under the NIght King control, Viserion can do severe damage.
One note of concern is that Viserion breathes blue fire, which is much hotter than the red flames of his brothers. And now that he’s undead he won’t feel anything the other dragons throw at him. Whereas Rhaeagal and Drogon, on the other hand, are prone injuries.

However, if the Northerners have a dragon glass scorpion on their hands, they might be able to kill Viserion, similar to what Bronn almost did to Drogon.

4. What is Cersei’s Endgame?

Cersei drinking wine despite being pregnant (credit: HBO)

While everyone is getting ready for an epic clash between the living and the dead in the north. Cersei is down south waiting for the Euron Greyjoy to ferry the Golden Company to king’s landing.
In the shot below, we see Harry Strickland (the leader of the Golden Company) on board one of the GreyJoy ships en route to the capital. And in a later shot, Harry appears before Cersei in the throne room.

The Golden Company are reputable mercenary fighters in Essos, with twenty thousand men, horses, and elephants. And while the Company might be able to keep Cersei’s throne from Daenerys, they don’t stand a chance against the Night King.

Harry Strickland and the Golden Company (Credit: HBO)
Harry Strickland and the Golden Company (Credit: HBO)

One clue to Cersei’s end game is the shot we get of her drinking wine. Which is weird considering that she is pregnant with Jamie’s child. But maybe she’s already lost the baby at this point and wants to see the world burn to the ground. And like how the Mad King was willing to blow up king’s landing than give up his throne. Cersei might want to destroy Jon and Daenerys’s alliance rather than let them have the happy ending she couldn’t.

Hopefully, someone stops her in time.

5. Who is the Night King’s target?

The NIght King (credit: HBO)

Ok while this is not from the trailer, it’s just as important.

Vladimir Furdik,(the actor that has played the Night King Since season 6) recently said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, that the Night king has a specific target he wants to kill. And that we will found out who that person is soon enough.

While Jon and the Night king have stared each other down twice now. I doubt Jon is Night King’s target because he could have easily killed Jon on multiple occasions.

Bran Stark the new Three-Eyed Raven
Bran Stark the new Three-Eyed Raven (credit: HBO)

But another candidate for the Night King’s fury is Bran. As the new Three-Eyed Raven, bran can see into the past and could tell the alliance how to defeat him. And the NIght King went through a lot of trouble to kill last Three-Eyed Raven.
But if Bran were a real threat, you would think the Night King would be in a hurry to silence him as soon as possible. Especially now that Bran has little control of his powers.

The Night King speaks: Game of Thrones actor gives a rare interview


But I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens. Game of Thrones season eight comes out in 34days

Who do you think the Night king’s target is? And what theories do you have about the final season? Share them with us down in the comments. And as always, please share this post.

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