Five Questions The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season Two Needs to Answer

Five Questions The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season Two Needs to Answer


The first season of the chilling adventures of Sabrina is done. But the season leaves us with more questions than answers. Here are Five chilling questions left unanswered in the first season of the chilling adventures of Sabrina

1. Why does the Dark Lord want Sabrina?

The Dark Lord from the chilling adventures of Sabrina
The Dark Lord (Credit: Netflix)

In the first season of the chilling adventures of Sabrina, The Dark Lord go to great lengths to get Sabrina’s soul.
He sends Lilith (the Mother of Demons), to infiltrate Sabrina’s school ahead of time. In other to convince the young witch to go through with her Dark Baptism. And break her bonds with the mortal world.

But when that fails, he has Father Blackwood bring the Half witch to the school of unseen arts. Where he tries to break her will by introducing her to the ways of the coven. He even visits Sabrina himself, declaring that he would have her soul.

But why Sabrina? Why is she so special?

We get a partial answer in the final episode of the season. Where Stolas (Lilith’s’ Familiar), informs his mistress that the Devil may be more interested in grooming Sabrina to rule beside him in hell. Rather than the mother of Demons.
But that can’t be the Darklord’s grand plan, as it seems he wants Sabrina for something only she can do.
Hopefully, we might get a proper answer next season.



2. What did Sabrina’s parents really want for her?

Sabrina from the chilling adventures of Sabrina
Sabrina (Credit: Netflix)

A common phrase used to manipulate Sabrina last season was “This is what your parents wanted for you.”
But considering that the people who use this phrase (I.e. Aunt Zelda, Mrs. Wardwell and so on) are usually less than truthful. It’s safe to say Sabrina’s parents may have had other plans for their daughter.

Sabrina’s vision of her parents during her Dark Baptism supports this theory. As they tell her to run.
If signing her soul to the Dark Lord what Sabrina’s parents wanted for her. You would think they would give a sign of approval.
And then there’s Sabrina’s mom baptizing her in an actual church two days after she was born. Which seems to be a thought-out plan to deny the Dark Lord, her daughter’s soul.

3. What happened to Sabrina’s parents?

Edward and Diana Spellman from the chilling adventures of Sabrina
Edward and Diana Spellman (Credit: Netflix)

Throughout the season it’s implied that the accident that killed Sabrina’s parents was no accident. This is supported by Sabrina seeing her mother in limbo which is a realm meant for unbaptized babies and people who died before their time. suggesting that the Spellmans where probably murdered.

But by who? And why?

While the obvious candidate is the Dark Lord, it could also be a witch from the church of night coven (if not the entire coven itself).
We know that Edward Spellman was a controversial figure in the witch community. He married a mortal, stopped the feast of feast ceremony and had other radical ideas that were not welcomed by the church of night. These reforms could be the reason they killed Edward and his wife.


4. Who or What is Dr. Cerberus

Dr. Cerberus from the chilling adventures of Sabrina
Dr. Cerberus (Credit: Netflix)

Dr. Cerberus is the owner of the local bookstore in Greendale, called Cerberus Books. When the church of night excommunicates Hilda, she gets a job at the store. And eventually falls in love with Dr. Cerberus. But at the end of the season, we get a glimpse of the good doctor’s eye glowing, showing he might not be human.

We know that other creatures such as Goblins, Demons, and even Vampires exist in this series. So while Dr. Cerberus might not be a witch, he could be a Demon, a Vampire or something else entirely.

5. What happened the night Sabrina was born?

Sabrina's Dark Baptism from the chilling adventures of Sabrina
Sabrina's Dark Baptism (Credit: Netflix)

It seems every mystery surrounding Sabrina Spellman points back to the night the young witch was born. From what her parents wanted for her, to why Sabrina was baptized in a church and then promised to the Dark Lord.
Heck, that night might even answer to why the Dark Lord wants her so much.
However, none of these mysteries can be answered unless we see that night when the youngest Spellman was born.


So what do you think about these questions? Do you have questions of your own? let us know down in the comment section.

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